Wheat Straw

Looking for a top-quality wheat straw? You are in the right place with Almakka enterprises. We are the leading wheat straw sellers in Pakistan.

Little about wheat straw

Wheat Straw is an agricultural by-product, the dry stems of wheat plants after the grain and chaff have been removed. It is served as part of the fiber component in the intake to cattle or horses that are on a near upkeep level of energy requirement. It has low consumable energy and nutrients. The warmth produced can be useful in maintaining body temperature in cold temperatures.

Why us?

As one of the leading seller of wheat straw products, Al-Makka enterprises ensures to deliver top-quality products promptly. With hundreds of thousands of tons of product going out every year. Our wheat straw and straw forage products are known throughout the country.

Producing top-quality wheat straw for our customers is very vital to us. We start with clean fields, harvested by the most experienced producers in the region, for a top product to sell. Our sellers and cultivators have the greatest pride in their industry and work with the highest familiarity of production practices for hay and straw products.

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